2nd International Kuchipudi Dance Convention at Hyderabad



●場所:The magnificent Gachibowli Sports Complex, Hyderabad
GMC Balayogi Stadium(皆で同じティラーナを踊る場所)
●テーマ:'Yuvatha Kuchipudi Bhavitha!' (Youth is the Future of Kuchipudi)



第一回は最後に「ジャティスワラム」(我らがグル ヴェンパティ チンナサティヤムのコレオグラフ)を一斉に踊ってギネスレコードされたのですが、第二回は「ティラーナ」 (ラーガム・ヒンドーラムやはりグル ヴェンパティ チンナサティヤムのコレオグラフ)を踊る模様




以下、ブログにあっぷされた  「インターナショナル・クチプディ・コンヴェンション」についてを下記にコピペいたします


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2nd International Kuchipudi Dance Convention at Hyderabad
June 23, 2010, 2:57 pm
On behalf of everyone at SiliconAndhra, I would like to update with the progress to host the historic 2nd International Kuchipudi Dance Convention from December 24th to 26th, 2010 in Hyderabad in association with Government of Andhra Pradesh. Here are a few updates:

Convention Venue: The magnificent Gachibowli Sports Complex, Hyderabad is finalized as the Convention venue. The main convention will be held in the fully air-conditioned sprawling Indoor stadium with a capacity to seat 7000
people. The Grand Finale will be held in the presence of 40,000 people at GMC Balayogi Stadium in the same complex which is just a few hundred feet away. For our Convention, the Gachibowli Sports Village would be turned into a beautiful Dance Village (Natya Gramam) to give a memorable experience to all the delegates.

Artist Response: Personally met and talked to a lot of Kuchipudi Gurus, Young Artists and students across India about the upcoming Convention. All of them are very excited and showed keen enthusiasm to get actively involved. Hundreds of them are sending mails to take active part even in the planning. The current response indicates that there will be several thousand dancers present at the Convention.

Thillana: At the Grand Finale, several thousand dancers are expected to dance for the 'Thillana' in HindoLam composed/choreographed by the legendary 'Padma Bhushan' Sri Vempati Chinna Satyam 'Master garu'. The audio/video to teach/practice would be made available to all in the next ten days. This would be the 'Maha Brinda Natyam' paying rich tributes to Sri Siddhendra Yogi and thus create a NEW world record by breaking the old record created at the Cupertino Convention. 100 Million people are expected to watch the same on TVs across the world.

Artist/Student Directory: It is planned to bring out a directory of 'World Kuchipudi Artists/Students' on this occasion. The details would be sent out soon in a separate mail.

Hotels: Negotiated heavily discounted prices for the comfortable stay of the delegates near the Convention venue. The details would be published soon on the website.

Food: Authentic delicacies from different regions of Andhra Pradesh are planned to be part of a 20 course sumptuous 'Telugu Bhojanam' for the lunch and dinner. The menu would be published soon on the website.

SiliconAndhra requests you to mark your calendars and make your travel plans to be at the convention from December 24th to 26th, 2010. Your presence at this convention would be an inspiration for generations to come. As you know the theme of the convention is 'Yuvatha Kuchipudi Bhavitha!' (Youth is the Future of Kuchipudi . Please encourage our youngsters to participate. Sincerely request you to spread the word as extensively as possible to all Kuchipudi Gurus, Students, Scholars and everyone else who may be interested in Kuchipudi. More details would be available in the near future. Thank you very much.

SiliconAndhra is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, established in 2001, with the goals to maintain, preserve, and perpetuate the Telugu Culture, Literature and Tradition. SiliconAndhra is incorporated in California, USA with non-profit organization Tax ID # 77-0578707. More information could be found at http://www.siliconandhra.org
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