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Dear dancer,
We have started a library of Indian dancing in Yayasan widya Guna , Bedulu,Bali.
We have presented them 7 classical dances of Dr. Kanak .Rele.
We would like you to send them a DVD of your dance ?.:Send to :
Ketut Sadia, :Yayasan Widya Guna ,Yeh pulu street Bedulu,Bali,Indonesia.
if and when in bali do contact Yayasan widya Guna :
He would be happy to arrange a dance recital for you where all the villagers would be happy to meet you.
More information on Indonesian section 24 .
Incidently boats used to start 2OOO years ago from Port Pradip in Orissa toJava , Bali and other parts of Indonesia .It was known as Bali Yatra .
Their topeng dance is a masked dance like Chau .
Indonesian dances have a lot in common with Indian dancing .
In one of the main temples in Indonesia , at Prambanan ,you have motifs of our indian dancing ..
Incidently Prambanan is at Yoyakarta and easily reachable by air .
At full moon day , Ramayana is enacted on the walls of prambanan on a huge screen and tourists from all over the world drop in to see this Ramayana Ballet .
Bali has a unique dance called kecak where no orchestra is used ,It is about the monkeys saving Sita against Ravana .One hundred participants say chuk /chuck in unison .There is also a trance dance in it .To visit Bali without seeing this unique dance will be depriving oneself of a great event .
If & When You Are In Bali Contact Resident of Bali
Also See Section 24 & Ganesha Temples of Indonesia
With regards,

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